April 4, 2017

Buy Bitcoin

Buy bitcoinBuy Bitcoin

Buy Bitcoin is something a beginner and an expert needs to master. You should have many questions in your head and want to be guided.

How can I get Bitcoin? How do I buy them? Can I buy Bitcoin with a credit card?

Many ways exist to get your precious digital gold. The first step is to get a wallet to hold your Bitcoin. You can check my posts about that subject:

Cryptocurrency wallets which one to choose in the market?

Ledger Nano S – What an Amazing Bitcoin and Ethereum Cold Wallet

My story

I started my journey with the same question as you in my head. How to buy Bitcoin? I remember not knowing where to get the information. If you are reading this, you should be in the same position I was.

You can read my personal story.

The beginning of my journey in the bitcoin ecosystem

My first experience purchasing with an ATM bitcoin!

Milestone, Five million Satoshi into my bitcoin wallet

The ways to buy Bitcoin

Many ways exist out there to acquire them. You can buy them with the following methods:

Buying with a credit card, this is a convening method for many users. You can check this section on my blog,








Ledger Wallet protects your bitcoins
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