You want to make money with bounties campaigns? Spread the word about new projects!

How to start

In the cryptocurrency ecosystem, many new projects see the day. The goals are to bring solutions with the blockchain technology. The entrepreneurs, programmers, and people who want to change the world bring fresh ideas to the table.

Every new start-up needs to spread the word around the globe. Those companies need to advertise their project to have people on board and bring investments and customers to try their solution before reaching the market.

An innovative way comes into this space; the solution is to reward people for advertising for them. We call this method bounty campaign, and I am going to describe how you can participate.


  • The first question you should ask yourself, where I can find these bounties? You can click on the following link from the Bitcointalk forum. The trick is: try to look for the word bounty or bounties on the title in the forum section. On the example below, you can see two bounty campaign.

What I think is important before you move forward. You need to be aware that many scams exist, and people try to create false projects. I don't want you to spend your valuable time on a campaign and get frustrated in the end. I know what feeling; when I got scammed myself on an HYIP program a few years ago.

A good way to find if the program is legit, you can see the numbers of views and replies. On my example, you can see 434 replies and 15,742 views; this help detect real programs.

  • The next step is to click on the link and understand what you need to do for this bounty campaign. On my example, I chose the project

This project asks the community to advertise with tree methods:
1- Bicointalk signatures – You need to rent your signature space and put the publicity of the project. The project will ask you to participate in the forum.
2- Twitter retweets – You need to have a Twitter account related to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and then retweet to your audience about the project.
3- Facebook shares – Share to your friends, try to focus on people who might be interested.

You can see the full details on the following link for the WeTrust Bounty Campaign.

  • You need to understand the requirements of the bounty campaign before applying. Read carefully what it ask you to do. For example, some bounty campaign will ask you to post at least 25 posts a week or retweet 15 times a week. If you are not complying with this requirements, you will not receive the pay for your effort.

When you do what they expect from you, the project will give you stakes. Stakes are simply the numbers of tokens you receive from the bounty campaign. This information is available in the thread before you join. You need to evaluate if it is worth your time before you join.

To get your cryptocurrencies, you will have to create an account on the website of the project. Before starting the campaign, you need to wait to see if you get approved.


Before you join any campaign bounty, you should spend some time understanding the project. You should advertise only if you believe what you promote. The key to making money with this method is to make a difference for new projects to revolutionize the world. Your time will help a startup to emerge and get people excited about the project. Furthermore, the stakes you receive, you need to see them as an investment on the project.

Do you think you are going to try this method or at least do some investigation to understand more deeply the concept?

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