My Blog Business, and My Love for Cryptocurrencies


My blog busimy blogness

This journey starts at the beginning of  December 2016 and my blog online for more than 150 days. This is my first online business, and I learn a lot during the process.

What I found the most interesting about the blogging world, is the ongoing process of learning. Every day I need to stay up to date in the cryptocurrencies field. The most important are to market my blog and learn online marketing.

I enjoy the world of finance and the subject of money, when I came across the world of Bitcoin it was intriguing. I started learning on the subject, reading books and enhance the capacity of my synapses.

So it was natural for me to choose the niche of cryptocurrency. I bought my domain and invested on a hosting plan to start this blog, and share my valuable content. Why did I decide to choose this type of business? To have the possibility to work from any part of the world.

The pros

The advantages of a blog is a direct communication channel with your audience. You can share what comes to your mind with the world. Furthermore, you can share in real-time valuable stories, that a lot of people will fund useful and stay up to date in a variety of subjects.

The cons

If you don’t like to invest a lot of time and energy, this type of business is not for you. I work many hours because I am in the beginning, I'm doing all the following tasks:

  • Optimize the blog and make sure everything run smoothly.
  • Secure the site and update the plugins and theme.
  • Market it through the social networks like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


At every stage of the evolution of my blog I face roadblocks, right now I have to found the way to monetize it. This is an online business and my goal is to generate a positive cash flow. When I a hit an obstacle, I work harder to find the solutions on how to fix the issue.

In the beginning, with a blog, you will not make money immediately. Some days I have the impression of working hours and hours and don’t see any income in my way. Many people would have already abandoned.

One of the quotes that help me to find a boost of energy lately.

No matter how many mistakes or how slow your progress, you’re still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying –  Anthony Robbins


Challenge is something that motivates me to continue, we need an objective or otherwise, you lose track of where you want to go. I made my blog available to a broad audience of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Now I need to target it to a specific audience in the vast world of cryptocurrencies.


I need to find my voice and set it in direction of a particular micro-niche. I’m going to continue to write specific documents on the scene, but I will be more specific for the people I want to deserve.

Now I am in the process of brainstorming, I have an idea on my mind. The first step is to research about it and make sure it is valid before jumping on it.


The more knowledge I gain everyday building this blog, the more I discover what work or not. During the way, you need to adapt and remove the things that don't work.

I learn the hard way to target a specific micro-niche in the world of cryptocurrencies. You can’t deserve everyone in the world, better to do something well and see the money flowing more rapidly in your way.

Are you going to build a micro-niche blog?

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