How to keep track of your crypto investments? The app you need!


The app you need

Recently I came across a post where the writer talked about a good Android application. The purpose of this application is to keep track of your cryptocurrencies investment. If you are an investor, you should have many cryptocurrencies assets, and you should have a hard time to know how much your total value.

We always need to make a good financial decision, and without good tools, it is almost impossible.

The mysterious application

I downloaded the application and installed it on my Android phone. the process took only 5 minutes, and it’s very straightforward. Don’t worry if you have an iPhone, the application is supported on this platform as well.

What is cool with this app, you can see your assets and cryptocurrencies almost instantly on your phone. The app is now supporting over 800 digital money and tokens, this is an interesting feature.

You should be asking yourself, what is the name of this application? And the answer is Blockfolio.

What value has this app to offer?

The best value is to access in one place and see the big picture of your crypto investments. As you can see in the following picture, this are the assets I possess under my belt. For the purpose of this article, I set the BTC I possess to see how the application is working.

I set the application to show the price in CDN, my beautiful country Canada.


When you click on any asset on the screen, you can see the candlesticks and the date of the latest 24hr market data. Also, you can see your holdings and the performance of your investment.

The advantages and disadvantages

The advantages

  • Have access in one place of your total investment in Bitcoin, Altcoin and app tokens.
  • See in real time the value of any asset you want to follow.
  • Help you to make a better decision when to buy or sell.

The disadvantages if you don't use the app

  • You never know how your investments perform.
  • When is time to buy or sell?
  • What is your total net worth?


You need to monitor your investments because without doing it, you don’t know where your stand. Also, you can make a better decision and balance your crypto portfolio.

The world of cryptocurrency provide a way to create wealth and make some profit. This app will help you to see in one place your magic number. What I mean, you will know if you have made a profit or losing it.

You need to take the time to download this application at Blockfolio.

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