Blockchain Revolution – Don and Alex Tapscott book review – How this book can improve your knowledge

I just finished reading the blockchain revolution book from Don and Alex Tapscott. It took me two weeks to pass through the 311 pages of great content about the blockchain. As you may know, the blockchain is something that will have a great impact in many industries like banking, insurance, and many others. This book will open your mind to learn the possibilities that this technology has to offer.

The book has three main sections:

  • Say you want a revolution
  • Transformation
  • Promise and Peril

Say you want a revolution

The first part is mostly how the technologies it's working. One of the things I learned from this section is that one day you will have the possibilities to control the information for yourself in the blockchain with an avatar.

Also, the authors give the seven design of the blockchain technology economy. He covers the network integrity, distributed power, value incentive, security, privacy, right preserved and inclusion. After the reading, you will understand the design behind the hood of this technology.


This section explains in details how the blockchain will change the face of financial services. The thing I enjoyed to learn is in the future you could build a reputation score on the blockchain. You can see it the same way as your credit score in the real world.

Another chapter is talking about the blockchain, and it will transform the corporate world. It's unbelievable to know how the blockchain could change the face of enterprises and offer news services.

Further, the authors introduce news business models that this technology will create. I am pretty confident that you will find it surprising when you will discover it, it could be your next venture. Maybe your brain will pop up with a new idea after your reading, and you will become the next billionaire in the Forbes in 2020.

The most interesting in this section for me is the vision of the author on the concept of IOT (internet of things). I learned that the IOT and blockchain would work in close symbiotic. As you may know about IOT, it's all the small devices from your smartphone, your fridge, even your brain that will be interconnected together on the internet and be able to communicate and transfer information in real time.

The rest of the section discuss what the opportunity will open for the unbanked all around the world with real examples. Another complete chapter is devoted on how the technology will benefit the governments and improve the transparency of the democracy around the world. Furthermore, the benefits for the music and art industries that will give more control on artists on their contents.

Promise and Peril

This section provides all the obstacles that the blockchain faces like the criminals are using it to hide things, takes too much energy, hard to regulate. I enjoyed reading this section, especially love the way the author presents the information. The rest of the section talk about regulations, governance and the future of blockchain technology.


This book has an enormous amount of information and explains in details how this technology will benefits society. I think it's one of the complete books I read so far on the subject, and I recommend you read it if you want to learn about the blockchain. Furthermore, it's for anyone who's already involved in this ecosystem or anybody who want to understand the blockchain.

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