The Business Blockchain – William Mougayar book review

I finished reading the book “The business blockchain” from the author William Mougayar. I read the last page on December 25th at 8PM after having a good Christmas day with the people I love. The book Introduced me to the concept of blockchain that apply in many other industries, and not just for transferring value over the internet like the bitcoin. The author explains in detail his vision and make a comparison with the introduction of the web in the beginning of the 90's.

This book will help you to put your finger on the subject and open you mind on the possibilities that it has to offer. The blockchain his something that will have a huge impact in many industries. It creates new ways of doing trust;  the decentralized way over the centralized way. New ideas will emerge and the new way of doing thing will change, you need to be prepared to handle this technology before you feel you're left behind.

The content was very easy to understand and enjoyable, the book has only 169 pages. I recommend this book for anyone who needs to learn about blockchain and need to know what the technology has to offer.

Enjoy your reading and see what the blockchain has to offer.


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William Mougayar

Thank you for reviewing my book, and especially finishing it on Christmas Day!!! Nice.

William Mougayar

Thank you for reviewing my book, especially sticking with it on Christmas Day!! Wow, nice.

Che Satochi

My pleasure, I wanted to learn more on the blockchain.

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