Bitcoin Twitter – WOW you Can Make Digital Gold Nugget with your Tweet!

Bitcoin Twitter

Bitcoin Twitter is a nice combo to make some money with it. You have many ways you can leverage your account and grow your Bitcoin wallet. You don’t need to make an effort, you Tweet or Retweet, but in return your get pay for this activity.

As you may know, a big community already exists on Twitter. I use this platform to promote my blog content. You probably have a Twitter account to stay in touch with what happen in real time in the cryptocurrency world.

3 Twitter services to make money

Let’s dive directly on how to make Bitcoin with your Twitter account? On the web, some entrepreneurs find ways to make money with advertisement websites for their social platform.

1- Birds Bitcoin: On this website, you can make money to Retweet and spread the message. The service is on the website and the price to retweet are set in bits. I found a converter that converts bits to BTC, that give you an idea if it is worth your time to Retweet to your followers. You can find this converter here: Gobitcoin.

This is an example of a job Retweet you can expect on this platform. This job pays you 7510 bits, but before you can choose your Retweet, you need to set up your Bitcoin public key. Right now I don’t have enough followers under my Twitter account to try. If you have a lot if followers on your Twitter account, you could try this program.

2- Bitcoin Forum (bitcointalk):  This forum is one of the most popular places to get information on Bitcoin and Altcoins. You can get some money with Twitter Campaign as well. You can find them in the title of a discussion. In the following example, you can see the campaign of casino website. You need to check often to see if you can find a Twitter Campaign, your job is to promote the product and you get a reward in Bitcoin into your wallet. I tried two times to Tweet on the forum, and I got paid a few day later, I advise you to check always the reputation of the person who starts the campaign before; nobody like to lose time with a scammer, due diligence is always good before you join a Twitter campaign.

3- The Viral Exchange: I come to know this site by and ICO campaign, so I needed to create my account on this platform. What is cool on this website you accumulate Viral Points for doing tasks like following, Tweeting and Retweeting on your Twitter platform. Then you exchange your Viral Points for Bitcoin or Blitz. Don’t expect to make a living with it, but you can accumulate some BTC over time, you can also do some tasks on Google+, Youtube, and Facebook.


Instead of leaving your Twitter account accumulate dust, you can start making some digital nugget on your free time. You could start right away your search for good Tweet to send to your followers on Twitter and get pay for it. I am pretty sure that more services exist out there that give you a chance to make Bitcoin.

If you know any other services that you would like to share, don’t hesitate to post on the comment section below my dear followers.

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