Bitcoin Investments – Where you can Start Seeing you Digital Gold Grow!

Bitcoin investments

Bitcoin investment is something you should consider if you want to see your money grow.

One of the popular ways is hoarding your cryptocurrency, this means you keep and hold your money in your wallet. This doesn't involve a big effort from your part. The problem with this method, if the value doesn't increase, you don’t make money.

Lately, two methods came to my attention and I decided to try them. My philosophy is: if you don’t try something new, you will never see any result.

If you want to test these methods, you can try with a small amount of Bitcoin, so you don’t risk much. It is great to have an open mind to try new ways to make money in this exciting ecosystem.

1- Bitcoin saving account

You can start right away and get some Satoshi in your account daily, and it is so easy. The website offers you 4.08% interest, a cool annual interest rate to leave your money on the platform. Furthermore, the site has a good reputation among the community, I got paid several times in the past.

The interest payment activates as soon as you reach 30,000 Satoshi on your account. You can claim every hour free BTC from the faucet, on your browser or a smartphone. You can also play dice or the lottery, and if you are lucky, you can win a wonderful jackpot.

I have invested 140,000 Satoshi on the platform, and I claimed free money on the faucet. I invite you to create an account and start making free BTC or just transfer some Bitcoin on the platform to make interest.

2- Casino bankroll

This method is riskier and should be tried only if you can afford to lose money. I had 0.01 BTC in my wallet that was not doing anything, so I decided to give it a try.

I did a review about Crypto Games casino lately on my blog, and I didn't know it offered a bankroll. The bankroll is a reserve of money to pay the players.

You can read my review of Crypto Games here.

This is a screenshot of the investment of 0.01 BTC I made on the platform. This is my first day, so I can say with clarity if I am going to make a profit. In the coming weeks, I will pay attention to this investment.


Like I said, if you want to try, the first step is to create an account on Crypto Games. It is important to try the games and have a feeling of what is offered by the casino before risking on your first investment.


In the Bitcoin ecosystem, many ways exist to grow your Bitcoins. Some people prefer to stick with the hoarding strategy and play it safe.

Otherwise, you can risk some of your funds and try another method to increase your money. You should always try to make your money work for you instead of leaving it there, doing nothing, and accumulate the dust.

Even myself, in the beginning, I played it safe. With the knowledge I gain every day, I like to risk some part of my money on different opportunities, and I really like doing it.

The most important, invest only money you can afford to lose.

Are you going to try those Bitcoin investments?

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