Bitcoin Farm – A good Android application to make money in Bitcoin

post1When I started learning about the bitcoin during the summer of 2016 I was looking for a way to get my first amount of satochi into my wallet. A wallet is a software that you can have installed on your smartphone or computer for managing to send and receive your bitcoins. It was not an easy task since my knowledge was very minimal. So I needed to learn. I came across a good Android application that can be found on Google Play Store.

The application is called “Bitcoin Farm”. Basically, how you make money from this application is very easy and simple to understand. You see advertisement every 30 minutes on your smartphone and exchange the number of satochi can vary. It is one of my favorite application that I continue to use daily because it is so easy and I make some money without almost doing nothing.

In fact, the only effort on your part is to click the claim button and the advertisement will start. After you have clicked, you need to wait 30 minutes to do this process again.

Here are my statistics as of November 22, so far I made 404050 satochi into my wallet, as you can see it is not a big amount but it is easy to get. You can ask for a withdrawal when you reach 10000 satochi and you will get paid the next Sunday.

I know it is not something that it will get you rich on, but my philosophy is to get my bitcoins without having to buy them with my own money. Also, some satochi here and there is growing like a snowball over time.

You can find more information on the following link and also how to install it on your smartphone. If you need further information, don't hesitate to ask.


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