Binance crypto exchange review

Binance crypto exchange introduction

Binance crypto exchange is a trading exchange that has a big hype on the crypto space. Recently, I started to see a big number of people talking about it, so I decided to make a review. Also, many say it is the new Bittrex exchange with a multitude of altcoins under his belt.


The Binance crypto exchange fees

What comes to my attention, the crypto community is very enthusiastic about the fee structure compared with other exchanges. The cost is only 0.1% on all trades, you can check the fee structure here: Binance Fee Structure

The website seems to update the list often and the link is easily located at the bottom of the page.

Also, when you purchase the utility coin (BNB), you can reduce your fee by half, this is an incredible offer. I do not know if they will keep this opportunity for a long period of time.

Binance crypto exchange demonstration on Youtube

This is a basic introduction on how to start your feet on the platform. What you are going to learn are the following elements:

  • The presentation of the different trading pair available on the platform.
  • What is a market order?
  • What is a limit order?
  • How to purchase the BNB utility coin and reduce your trading fees.
  • Monitor the coins you have in the wallet's exchange.
  • Zero fees for the trading pairs with the utility coin BNB, this is a promotional offer.

The video is only 12 minutes and is worth to watch if you are just starting on Binance.

The advantages of Binance crypto exchanges

Every exchange provides tools and goodies to keep you happy with them, these are some advantages of this trading change:

  1. A strong team.
  2. Support many devices
  3. The service is offered in many languages.
  4. The exchange can handle 1.4 million orders per seconds.

The verification process for the Binance crypto exchange

What is great, you have the chance to trade right off the bat without divulging your identity. You can withdraw up to two BTC without the need to show your license driver or passport, this is an interesting feature. With other exchanges, it can take some days just to have your documents validated by the support personnel.

For the majority of the users, the level one is a good way to trade and have fun right away. If you need to be at a  higher level and trade with a greater capacity, you should start the registration process to become level two or three.


The interface of Binance crypto exchange

Some screenshots to see how the interface looks like before you dive into Binance.

The basic interface:


The advanced interface:


Last word

You have an awesome trading exchange where you can start trading without the need to validate yourself and be able to transfer up two BTC every 24 hours. Also, a nice place to make more money in your trade because the platform offers you a low fee, even lower if you use the BNB utility token.

Subscribe here and start to trade right away.



Trading fee


BNB utility token




Trade without verification


User interface

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