The beginning of my journey in the bitcoin ecosystem

I came into the world of bitcoin during the summer of 2016 by accident. I started looking online on how to get more information on the subject. For any newcomers, it's something very scary at first. I went to my local library and made a search with the keyword Bitcoin and chose two recent books on the subject. I always prefer to take the most recent books because I like to have up to date news on the subject I am trying to learn about.

These are the 3 books that I've read in order to have more information on the bitcoin technology. It's the same process when you learn to walk, it's a natural process of adaptation, in the beginning, it's hard but after a while, you become a master.

Title  Understanding bitcoin: cryptography, engineering, and economics
Author Franco, Pedro
Title  The age of cryptocurrency: how bitcoin and digital money are challenging the global economic order
Author Vigna, Paul
Title  The bitcoin big bang: how alternative currencies are about to change the world
Author Kelly, Brian

I remember the first thing I was looking for was how to get my first wallet and how to win some bitcoin. You can compare it to how to get money in the real world; it's also true for bitcoin.  At the beginning, I have chosen “Coinbase” to handle my bitcoin wallet, I trust them because it was a good company started in San Francisco. I managed to get at least 3$ CAD in bitcoin.

How I get those 3$ you will ask me? The answer is from all the faucets largely available on the internet. You can find them easily on google with the following search query “bitcoin faucet”. Typically, a bitcoin faucet is a website that gives you some satoshi in exchange of the resolution of a captcha. The business model behind it is simple: the owner expects to get a return with the publicity available on the site and make a profit from this operation.

After a while, I heard that it was not a good idea to leave my bitcoin in a web wallet. The company can close his door any day and you are at risk to lose your money. I decided to go to my local bitcoin embassy in order to get more information. They recommend me to set up the Mycelium wallet on my smartphone. This application is very simple to use and provide some nice security feature to keep your mind in peace. I can guarantee that you can relax and your bitcoin are stored safely and that you are fully in control.

So I transferred my bitcoin fund from the Coinbase wallet to Mycelium wallet. I must tell you that I was scared to do this operation. But up until now, my bitcoin value increases slowly and surely into my wallet. I am working hard to find more bitcoin applications that pay.

The goal with this blog is to share my interest with the cryptocurrency technology and share information with you in order to help you on your journey as well.

How do you get in contact with bitcoin and how you start your journey?

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