Alien Run – Very cool Android Bitcoin Application

Today I want to talk about a nice bitcoin game that I discovered last week when I was searching for something new to install on my smartphone. The name of the game is “Alien Run”, what a strange name! The game is very addicting, you are in the body of an alien who need to avoid obstacles on the way. I found the alien well designed and easy to control.

As you can see on the following screen, you have a different mode to play. The one I like the most is the “Play Adventure”. Basically, you have 5 levels to pass through with your alien in order to reach the reward. When you reach it, you click on the reward button to claim your prize. It's going to select a number aleatory between eight numbers. You have the chance to try tree times in order to get a much higher number, but you need to watch ads before. Time to time, you will have an ad that will appear automatically that you need to watch between each level. Nothing is perfect, the owner needs to monetize his application.

Also, at least one time per day you have the possibility to play to pass through the different level where you see on picture 9:09:40. The goal is to release the much higher number possible for increasing your balance ;). Furthermore, you have the possibility to increase your cash out more rapidly if you click on the option below where they tell you “Bonus 50 satochi”. Basically, you watch ads for a maximum of 30 seconds and the amount goes directly into your balance.

As you can see, my balance on this picture is only 4143 because I just started this week.

On the following screen, you can see that my alien has reach level 31. I need to complete 5 levels before reaching the star, this screen is from the option “Play Adventure”. The graphics are very simple, but they are beautiful for your eyes 😉

The goal of the game is simple, as you can see on this screen, the alien jump when you press on the screen. If you don't jump, the alien will crash on the obstacle and explode L. So you need to avoid it and finish the level for you to get to next one. Also, you have 5 lives during each level, the deeper into the game you get, the more you will need to stay alert 😉

I have 3 applications installed from them and I never had any problem to get paid. You need to reach 20000 before you will get paid, they pay every Tuesday automatically. The only default about the game is you don't have any music when you play, the only thing your heard is the jump of the alien. You will not become rich with this application, but at least you will have some entertainment while you wait for the bus.

You can access and install the application with the following link, enjoy and have fun with the alien!

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