ADZBuzz the Place to Start your Journey with a Coffee


Are you someone who loves reading news and want a place where you can find interesting stories? Adzbuzz is the answer to this question.

One of the main benefits is the curation provided by the users who participate daily in the system. I build daily traffic through sharing interesting content from the crypto space. In the meantime, I also share it on Adzbuzz and advertise my blog.

Another benefit, you can set a filter on the subjects you are interested to read about. This provides value and you stay informed on a variety of interesting topics.


One of the greatest benefits is when you log every day on the platform and participate; you will then get ADZ tokens in return. As you may already know sites like Facebook and Twitter do not pay you any money. Instead, it is the owners and people that invest money in those companies that receive the benefits.


Do you have a website or a blog and you need to find another stream of income? AdzBuzz will help you generate traffic and receive ADZ coins.

I use the AdzBuzz platform myself and I really like it. Do not expect to make a killing, but you can make money even from the users who use ads blockers.

The main benefitĀ is the traffic I get in return. The traffic is a vital part of an online business, the more you have the more the business will be happy!


Recently, a new option has been added, you can buy Ad credits and get advertising space on AdzBuzz. The best part of this program, you invest on the platform and you can expose your ads for many years to come.

I converted 100 ADZ token to Ad credits and I receive daily views on my advertisements. My goal is to generate another stream of income from it.

I believe you should try it if you are an online marketer and you have a business to expose. You can start small and see the result, and then make the choice to put more time in it if you are satisfied with the results.


Another benefitĀ that I enjoy greatly, it helps me to get traffic from ADZBuzz. When you are a publisher, and you install the WordPress plugin, the platform creates a community under the name of your domain.

The main benefit, when you publish a new post, you share it with your community. Then in return, you have free traffic almost guaranteed. Also, the more you get involved on the site, the more people will join your community and the more traffic you will get in the future.

It is an investment, in the beginning, you start small but the snowball increase over time.

Last word

I believe in the platform, but in the beginning, I was skeptical. The reason was that I find it hard to navigate through all the options that the website has to offer.

Another main benefit, the ADZ token will increase in value with the time. So, the more you can get early the more chance you can make a nice return in the future.

Now it is your turn to join and create an account on ADZBuzz. I invite you to join my community to get the latest great content from me: ADZBuzz Chesatochi Community.

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