Crypto Security – 7 Rules to Follow to Avoid Being Trapped


Recently, while doing my curation for my crypto blog, some articles came to my attention. I read that 2 people had been hacked and lost crypto fund!

Imagine one moment, you work on an important document for weeks, days and nights on your laptop. Then, one morning the hard disk crash and you forgot to take a backup. You would panic and have difficulty sleeping for a couple of days.

These type of situation can be prevented with security rule to follow. Normally, to adopt a new behavior it takes 3 weeks to get it in your subconscious!


In any field, security is a hot topic! People need to take the time to learn and apply some security principles to avoid the worst-case scenario.

This rule applies also to the far west of cryptoland. Many people are looking for opportunities to scam and steal crypto fund because of the value of crypto.

  • Crypto security Number 1

Always use a complex password with lowercase, uppercase and complex characters. I use a password manager to generate my password with the software Keepass. Normally, I choose the option of 256 bits.

  • Crypto security number 2

Do not leave all your crypto funds on a trading exchange. Only leave the money you need for trading. The rest, for a long-term investment, send it to your preferred cold wallet.

You can check the article I wrote about the Ledger Nano S: Ledger Nano S – What an Amazing Bitcoin and Ethereum Cold Wallet

  • Crypto security number 3

Always be in control of your private key. If you do not own the private key, you are not the true owner of the fund!

  • Crypto security number 4

Do not forget your password or write it down on documents without any protection. In my case, I use Keepass to save and manage my passwords. It is almost impossible for a human to remember a password with the following string 32sdf99sfKk!!JDL%bvTT#R1t3ttTeg68$.

  • Crypto security number 5

Avoid trading on public Wi-Fi with your own computer; like your local food court or library. Many can intercept your data! The only way to protect yourself is to encapsulate your traffic with a VPN.

  • Crypto security number 6

Always use a second layer of protection in combination with your password. This technology is called a 2FA (2 Factor-Authentification). Basically, it is another layer of security that generates a new code every 30 seconds. The one I use myself is Google Authenticator! Furthermore, it is important to backup the files provided by the 2FA solution you choose.

  • Crypto security number 7

Do not shout and spread to the world your net worth in crypto value over social networks. This gives an incentive to the hackers to hack you and steal your crypto fund.

Last word

Never postpone security principle for later. Otherwise, it will be too late when you will realize you have been hacked and your money has disappeared!

When you live your home, you lock the door. Do the same and apply those 7 crypto securities rules!

Also, I invite my to check my resources page where you can find great stuff for your crypto journey: Crypto Ressources Page

What are your crypto security rules?

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