5 Cryptocurrencies with a Huge Potential for your Crypto Portfolio

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On the market today you can find many assets and cryptocurrencies to invest. That can be overwhelming for someone working 9 to 5 who don’t have the time to look at the information available and digest it. Do you have the impression, when you read and analyze too much, that you lose track and could make a false move?

I lately saw many people asking which crypto is the best for a long term investment. I don’t talk about the pump and dump coins, with no tangible product.

What gives value to a crypto asset or coin, from my own point of view:

  • Needs to have tangible use case on the market.
  • Have a community and good developers behind the project.
  • The network needs to scale properly, without power control and drama.

5 Cryptocurrencies with a huge potential

1- Litecoin LTC

Recently, Segwit has been activated on their Network and the price has grown. I bought some position myself. Also, the founder, Charlie Lee, is back on board. He will bring this crypto to the next level and implement many features the users really want.

You can check the roadmap for 2017, a lot of new features on the way: https://litecoincore.org/


I came aware of the cryptocurrency recently and I started following this project with my RSS feed reader. Many people think this project has a huge potential and I read often its price should grow.

I bought a small amount to check the price variation of the crypto myself. I plan to buy more as soon as the price is moving up.

3- Ethereum ETH

I can't believe how much the price as climb since the beginning of the year 2017. The main reason is the ICO fundraising mechanism with the implementation of the smart contracts feature.

Many people think the price has the potential to reach 1 000$ USD. Maybe or maybe not, if you want something with a great potential, I think it is wise to have an exposure to ETH and possess some in your crypto portfolio.

4- Ethereum Classic ETC

The price has jumped from 2$ USD to almost 21 $ USD in less than 2 months. I read this one has a good potential for the long term, I plan to buy some for my own portfolio.

5- Ripple XRP

The value of this one his linked to the fact that the banks of the world are using it to transfer value internationally, cheaply. The negative points about XRM are:

  • Controlled by a central authority.
  • The money supply is controlled and not limited.

The market cap is already at almost 12 billion $ USD. You can consider it a good candidate to hold some position for the long term in your crypto portfolio.

The final word

Every day, I learn and find opportunities of where to put my money. It is like building the foundation of a house one brick at the time. We are in a good time frame to buy crypto assets and maybe get a good return for the future. This business blog, that I really enjoy doing full time, get me expose to this existing market.

We work so hard for our money, and if we can get some with our crypto investments, without working for it, this is awesome.

What do you think is the best cryptocurrency to invest?

2 thoughts on “5 Cryptocurrencies with a Huge Potential for your Crypto Portfolio

    • Hi,

      Right now I monitor the price on the Blockfolio app, the price is going down a little. Also, many people think this Chinese blockchain should be something huge as Ethereum.

      If I see the price that is going to increase a lot, I might consider buying some ANS tokens.

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