5 Coins to invest in August 2017


Everyone wants to know immediately what is the next big coin that will hit the jackpot in the crypto land. Also, the vast majority do not like researching, reading the latest white paper, finding who the team players are and what the coin really does.

We see big whales and speculators trying to make a profit as fast as possible, nothing wrong with that. Those guys, are not there to support the project or be implicated with the community behind the project.

Furthermore, on social media, Quora and forums, this is the kind of questions the people ask:

What do you think of my crypto portfolio? What do you think of the coins X, Y, Z?

I have the same kind of questions, when you can choose from over 800 cryptocurrencies and 200 assets, is legitimate to have these questions. We work hard for our money, and sometimes we want a second opinion to make a better choice!

A little cryptocurrency trick

One of the things I recently discovered and I try to apply on my crypto portfolio is the following:

When you have a good amount of investors that come to the same opinion about a coin. This is a good sign the coin has a potential to grow and it is worth to invest.


The idea I want to bring here is when the masses come to the same conclusion, the more precise is the projection in the future. It is not like a crystal ball, but you have more chance to pick up a good potential coin.

5 potential coins you might look at to invest

1 – Bitquence – BQX

As you may know, today it is not an easy task to buy, manage the private keys and store your coins safely. Bitquence will provide baskets of coins that you can purchase and get exposed easily to cryptocurrency. The company will manage the keys and provide safe vaults. This will help the mainstream population to access cryptocurrencies and assets.

Website: Bitquence

White Paper: Bitquence Whitepaper

2 – OmiseGo OMG

I love the slogan of this one, unbank the banked on the Ethereum platform. The way I understand the project, the platform will provide a gateway payments between many channels. So anyone will be able to pay a bill and send money to someone without possessing a bank account.

Website: OmiseGo

White Paper: OmiseGo Whitepaper

3 – Neo – NEO

This is the Ethereum of China, I invite you to go read my review I did on a previous post: NEO Crypto and The Rising of the China Blockchain Empire

Website: Neo

White Paper: Neo Whitepaper

4 – Civic – CVC

This is a secure identity platform, you will be able to provide your identity without a username and password. The information will be encrypted in the device and the access will be provided with biometrics like a fingerprint. You will be able to prove who you are and be in control of the information that belongs to you.

Some examples of what you can use this system for:

  • Buy an airplane ticket online.
  • Open a bank account.
  • Access government services.

Website: Civic

White Paper: Civic Whitepaper

5 – District0x DNT

This is a platform to create a decentralized marketplace that is named a district. An example of a district is the decentralized freelance market: Ethlance. More community will come on the platform.

Website: District0x

White Paper: District0x Whitepaper

Last word

Every month, I will try to find 5 cryptocurrencies or assets that have a potential to grow. Be vigilant, you should always do your own research, I am not a crypto professional adviser. When you invest, you need to be aware of the risk you are taking.

I provide this list as a starting point, I share this list from my own research. Like you, I ask questions and I look at the coins that have the potentials to grow my crypto portfolio. Also, I really love reading, searching and analyze my own investments. It is something exciting to see the numbers grow!

As you need to know, I am a long term investor. When I purchase a coin, I keep it, monitor, and enjoy watching the numbers and graphics!

What coins do you think is good to invest in this August?

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