10 Best Blogs To Follow About Cryptocurrency


One of the things I like the most is doing curation and stay informed about what is going on the crypto space. I start my day with that, I am someone who loves reading, discover and share great content for my audience.

As you may know, we are a great community, and everyone contributes to make it better every day. For my part, I concentrate my energy to provide articles easy to digest and to add the sunshine to your day!


Now you are ready, those are 10 blogs you should visit.

Blog and news sites to follow

1 – CoinDesk: This site offers great articles about cryptocurrency and does depth coverage of the crypto space.

2 – The Cointelegraph: An awesome crypto news site. What I like the most are the pictures that come with every post. They are unique and specific to this site.

3 – Bitcoin News: The articles provided on this site are good, and I often curate their content. Also, there is a great community of users that comment on the articles that boost their value.

4 – Bitcoin Magazine: I really like this one because the articles are in deep and cover materials that are easy to understand. Also, this is one that I share often their stories!

5 – Bitcoinist: Another one that provides interesting stories that cover the world of cryptocurrency. You should go check for yourself to see you like it or not!

6 – Coinjournal: This site post an average of 2-3 posts a day and they cover a wide range of topics. You should pay a little visit and maybe you will become a regular reader.

7 – The Merkle: This site is awesome to read, they provide short interesting stories on the go. Their cover crypto, but also other areas like AI and science. I recommend this site as I curate often their stories. Just click now and go read an interesting article.

8 – 99bitcoins: The site that inspired me to start my crypto blog Chesatochi.com. What I like the most, the angle of this blog is specific to newcomers on the cryptocurrency world. It Provides information like how to buy and secure your valuable crypto coins.

9 – The Dollar Vigilante Blog: I started to follow this blog not long ago. The author way of thinking resonates with the way I see the world of finance. He gives good advice on how to invest in cryptocurrency and share his vision as a libertarian guy. I recommend it!

10 – Crypto Insider: Provide daily roundup and great articles for your pleasure to read. Take 5 minutes of your time and go explore this site and maybe you are going to love it.

A great tool to follow them all in one place!

I am pretty confident that you would like to have a tool that saves you time to stay informed. Recently, I discovered a very convenient tool to follow many sources in one place.

  • Follow your favorites Youtube channel.
  • Follow any type of sources that provide an RSS feed.
  • Use a nice interface to follow the news.
  • Different options to see them the way you prefer.

The name of this tool is Feedly.

Last word

The world of crypto is exploding with projects, ICO, and new tokens that appear on the market every week. When you are investing and you want to take wise decisions, the first step is to stay informed.

Also, it is always great to know what is happening to everyone who is interested in this space.

What is your favorite crypto blog?

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