Incredible! 1 Year Milestone and the Birth of this Crypto Blog

1 year milestoneIntroduction

Over the current year, I learned a tremendous amount of business skills and entrepreneurship into this awesome journey. I understand now why not so many take this path. One of the main issues is not to be able to generate a stable income and receive a constant stream of revenue.

To tell you the truth I generated maybe 400$ CAD so far with this blog. I strongly believe without a sacrifice you cannot learn valuable skills for your future. This was an unknown territory for me. When you have a big dream, nothing can stop you to find the energy to continue working on your project.

As most people mention, it is not an easy journey to start an online business on the internet. You need to put a lot of effort and energy to start seeing a tiny result. Along the way, you will make mistakes, and learn valuable lessons from those events. What I discovered, it is not easy to convert traffic to a constant stream of income.


The income from Google Adsense is not very sustainable and to reach the minimum payout took me many months. I think one of the major problems is the Ads blockers and a solution need to be provided for content creators. The income for publishers will change with new technologies like Coinhive, Brave browser, and others.

Also, building an audience take time and it is not possible to be active on all the social media at the same time. I focus on 2 or 3 social media and then jump on others to reach a new audience.

What I learned

You need to continue and never give up, obstacles are part of the game. Without it, you can not grow on the personal level.

You need to develop resilience and to focus on the purpose of why you doing it. My personal goal is to have control of my life and have the choice to work any place in the world.


What I would like to accomplish for the coming year are the following:

  • Reach 5000 people on Twitter.
  • Reach 2000 on my Steemit account and generate a good income with this platform.
  • Expand on the platforms Youtube, Pinterest, and others.
  • Be able to pay my bills and save some money.
  • Pay my travel expenses and discover new places
  • Start building multiple streams of passive income.
  • Increase my Alexa ranking below the 500k mark.

Previous milestones in 2017

Every 3 month I write a post reminding me what my business has accomplished. It is important to share this valuable information and inspire others who would like to start on their own.

I invite you to read my previous milestones in 2017:

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Last word

When you have a dream, never let anyone stop you from reaching what you want in your life. I made a commitment to myself to follow the step of my father and to become an online entrepreneur.

In 2018, I strongly believe this blog will start to generate a positive cash flow.

Sincerely, Chesatochi – For the passion of crypto

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